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To hasło częściowo lub w całości napisano w języku angielskim. Jeśli możesz, przetłumacz je.
Sakwa i hak

This inventory is quite different from most RPG orientated games. Because it doesn't allow you to store any Broń, zbroje or other overly large random items. Instead, it revolves around the fact that you carry a Sakwa in which you can merely place smaller odds and ends like potion ingredients, Pożywienie, Napój, Książek, zwoje, etc... and also just a limited number of these items, though that limit is reasonably large. The inventory is divided up in general sections each consisting of small compartments, or slots in which a single item can be stored.


Informacje ogólne

Otwórz Ekwipunek, klikając LPM ikonę sakwy lub wciskając klawisz I. Następnie kliknij PPM eliksir Grom, aby go użyć.

Wskazówka: przeciągaj eliksiry w specjalne kieszenie – teraz będziesz mieć do nich łatwiejszy dostęp z ekranu głównego.

Hak na trofeum

Miejsce na trofea z potężnych potworów. Hak na trofeum

Kieszeń na przedmioty fabularne

Kieszeń na przedmioty fabularne, które są bardzo istotne dla rozwoju opowieści. Kieszeń na przedmioty fabularne

Sakwa i Torba na składniki

Sakwa i Torba na składniki

This is all the stuff that Geralt carries. Since the introduction of the Edycja Rozszerzona, the main inventory has been divided into two sections: the satchel and the alchemy sack. The satchel is the main storage compartment in Geralt's inventory. It holds a all the items which can be picked up, excluding weapons, alchemical ingredients and quest items. The alchemy sack holds all herbs, minerals and monster parts, except additional goods. Prior to the Edycja Rozszerzona, alchemical ingredients were kept in the satchel and there was no separate alchemy sack. An image of that inventory can be found tu.

The sakwa is now divided into three sub-compartments (there were four), each has 14 slots, for a total of 42 slots. There is also a sort button to the left now to sort like items. This may or may not be helpful to you depending on how you like the sort. (For the record, I do not). It holds:

The torba na składniki has another three compartments the same size as the satchel, making for a further 42 slots. It also has a sort button and a very handy basic substance identifying button. It holds:

The new management system for the alchemical ingredients is a vast improvement over the previous inventory panel. Depending on your habits, it could take a bit of getting used to, but it works very well and greatly simplifies finding the ingredients you need. Overall, compared to the original inventory, there are now an additional 28 slots for general inventory, a 50% improvement.

Individual items may or may not stack. For example, rings do not stack, but necklaces and składników do. The maximum number of items in a stack varies.

There are also other reasons why some items will not stack. One example is potions. Potions with a secondary ingredient as dominant substance will not stack with similar potions lacking the dominant substance (simply put, some potions refuse to stack and this is why). In fact, some water won't stack with other water ... I wonder ...


Geralt's body functions as the third compartment of his inventory. It is where broni, zbroje and jewelry are kept or worn. For instance, his swords are strapped to his back, Sztylety are in a thigh-holster, and so forth.

Wyśmienita skórzana kurtka
  • There are two primary sword slots:
  • pancerz slot (over main torso)
  • Krótką broń slot (over left boot)
  • Długą broń slot (next to right boot), which can also hold a second steel sword
  • Two Ring slots (at the end of each hand)
  • Up to three specjalne kieszenie (to the right of his head)
Kalksteina zbroja Kruka


  • The Ćwiekowana kurtka skórzana has only one specjalne kieszeni, and Zbroja Kruka has three. For most of the game, Geralt uses the Wyśmienita skórzana kurtka which has two specjalne kieszenie. This can cause some small amount of aggravation when switching to Zbroja Kruka, if you fail to empty your specjalne kieszeni before the trade. It's not catastrophic, just remember to pick up what fell on the floor.
  • Zbroja Kruka provides an extra Krótką broń slot.

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