Zdolności w grze Wiedźmin 3/Zdolności

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Obrazek Nazwa Opis Warunek wstępny Poziomy Punkty
Rytm dobowy During the day, Vitality regenerates by an additional 10 points per second when not in combat. At night, Stamina regenerates by an additional 1 points per second during combat. None 1 None
Instynkt przetrwania Increases maximum Vitality by 500. None 1 None
Techniki Szkoły Kota Each piece of light armor increases critical hit damage by 5% and fast attack damage by 5%. None 1 None
Techniki Szkoły Gryfa Each piece of medium armor increases Sign intensity by 5% and Stamina regeneration by 5%. None 1 None
Techniki Szkoły Niedźwiedzia Each piece of heavy armor increases maximum Vitality by 5% and strong attack damage by 5%. None 1 None
Sokole oko Crossbow bolts deal 25% more damage. None 1 None
Kontrola gniewu If your current Stamina level is too low, Signs can be cast using Adrenaline Points. None 1 None
Zastrzyk adrenaliny Increases Adrenaline generation by 5%. Using Signs now generates Adrenaline Points. None 1 None
Skupienie Adrenaline Points increase both weapon damage and Sign intensity. None 1 None
Kontrola metabolizmu Increases maximum Toxicity by 30 points. None 1 None
Napełniony Mocą Only one bonus from a Place of Power can be active at any given time, but that bonus lasts indefinitely. None 1 None
Smakosz Doubles the effect of the currently equipped trofeum. None 1 None
W ogniu walki Strong attacks consume 1 Adrenaline Point. Each blow struck reduces the target's Stamina to 0. None 1 None
Ciężka artyleria Enhanced Armor and Enhanced Weapons buffs now last +$l$% longer. None 1 None
Najlepszą obroną jest atak Vitality regeneration after eating is increased by +$l$%. None 1 None
Pobudzenie If available, Adrenaline Points will be consumed to reduce the Toxicity cost of drinking potions by 33% per point. Does not affect mutagen decoctions. None 1 None
Szał Bojowy Instead of its previous effect, Trans bojowy now increases critical hit chance by 80% per Adrenaline Point. None 1 None
Zaawansowana Pirotechnika Damage dealt by a bomb's explosion generates 0.1 Adrenaline Points. None 1 None
Prawo serii You can shoot one additional bolt before you must reload. None 1 None
Mocne Plecy Maximum inventory weight is increased by 60. None 1 None